Have trusted Steph with my hair for over 10 years! Always gets me the perfect colour and cut. She’s give me perfect golden honey blonde locks, a short peroxide blonde bob, all the way to a deep brunette. She’s seriously amazing!
— Madeline Daly | August 15th 2017
Started to have my hair done by Steph end of last year and keep on going back. Always super happy that she supports my little adventures, going from long hair to a beautiful pixy cut and beautiful colours. Keep on going back for her excellent service, advice and rejuvenation for my hair. :) Can only recommend her to anybody that is looking for a great personalised cut, colour and style. Really excited to go back for a new hair cut and eye lash tint.
— Julia Scholz | 22nd October 2017
Steph is amazing! Completely on top of the colour game and current trends. I left with perfect hair and in better condition than what it was when I went in, even though I went from brunette to blonde!
— Kimberly Leonard | 3rd August 2017